Groups & Committees

Building Committee

The Building Committee makes recommendations to the Board of Trustees to change and improve the physical property of the Congregation and then supervises and implements such changes and improvements. The Building Committee also oversees the daily maintenance of the building. The Building Committee oversees the solicitation of bids from vendors to provide goods and services to maintain the physical property of the Congregation, hires vendors and purchases products, and monitors the delivery of such services and the use of such products. The Building Committee engages carpenters, electricians, heating/ventilation/air conditioning specialists, locksmiths, painters, plumbers, roofers, and other skilled trades persons to maintain the operation and condition of the physical plant. The Building Committee participates in addressing the security concerns of the operation of the physical plant.

The Building Committee welcomes the active involvement of members of the Congregation. The Building Committee organizes monthly clean-up events to supplement the activities of the full-time custodial staff. These activities enable members of the Congregation to establish a stronger connection to the shul. The monthly events furnish an opportunity for high school students to obtain community service experience and to fulfill certain requirements that exist in the school systems to demonstrate participation in community service.

The current Chair of the Building Committee is David Hirsh. The Building Committee has approximately 15 active members who participate in the activities of maintaining the physical plant.


CSOI Board Of Education (Education Committee)

CSOI Board Of Education activities include being responsible for developing school policies and  evaluating the effectiveness of the policies and their implementation. The board is responsible for establishing, maintaining, and evaluating all of our education programs. Our mission is to provide the opportunity for every student to receive a quality education. The board is also responsible for establishing two-way communications with the parents and with the staff, keeping them informed of all Hebrew School activities. Meetings of the Board of Education are usually held bimonthly.


Ritual Committee

The primary job of the Ritual Committee is to help implement religious services and observance in our synagogue. We work closely with the Rabbi and Cantor to help facilitate the daily, Shabbat, High Holiday and Festival services. Our responsibilities include the assignment of aliyot and other honors during these services. We coordinate with families who are celebrating a bar or bat mitzvah, baby naming, aufrauf or other special occasion. Please contact us if you can help by attending daily minyan, or if you would like to read a haftorah on Shabbat or other holiday. For further information contact: Marcel Buchsbaum, Chair.


Seating Committee

The High Holiday Seating Committee is responsible for assigning seats to all Congregational Members and processing requests for additional seats for our congregants' families.  We meet for several weeks each year about four to five weeks prior to Rosh Hashanah and have evening and Sun. hours available for congregants who wish to meet with us. Contact our committee by calling the main synagogue number at 516 374-0655 and following the prompts. Kate Kreiss, Chairman



The Woodmere Sisterhood is a social and fundraising arm of Congregation Sons of Israel. We hold monthly meetings and get together for a variety of interesting programs, including book club discussions, cooking classes and cultural events. Our fundraising initiatives include a High Holiday card mailer, a Mishloach Manot program for Purim as well as a yearly fundraiser on behalf of a worthy cause in Israel, among others. Money raised enables us to grant scholarships to children of our congregation to attend our Kesher Hebrew high school, SULAM Hebrew school for children with special needs, Jewish summer camp and youth tours to Israel, as well as to finance select projects at the shul. We invite all women of the congregation to join us - new members get their first year of membership for free. For details, please call Sisterhood co-presidents Phyllis Brenner or Joan Kavarsky.

Simcha Sweets

Planning a Bar or Bat Mitzvah? You probably have enough to do without buying and wrapping candy. Let Sisterhood do it for you. And you can be assured we use soft candies - to protect your little angel from the friends with good aim! For details and an order form click on the following link: Simcha Sweets