Family Programs

Morgenstern Hebrew School

Our synagogue is committed to providing the best Jewish education for all ages of children. The school offers programs for Pre-kindergarten through Bar/Bat Mitzvah age children. In addition to their classroom experiences, the Hebrew School children are able to choose from a variety of extracurricular activities including arts and crafts workshops and family programming supported in part by our active PTA. We are particularly proud of our caring and involved faculty, which includes reading, Bible and music specialists.

J Stars (Hebrew School for Jewish Russian Students)

The newest addition to our educational programming is J-STARS, an innovative Hebrew School track for Jewish Russian American Children ages 6-12. Classes meet once or twice a week and include Educational Clubs such as Chess, “Jewish Math/Logic, Debating, Jewish Arts/Crafts followed by Hebrew School classes. Subjects covered include Jewish History, Holidays, Hebrew Language, Jewish Music and Dance and Russian Language. First Year Tuition is free to new synagogue members. Transportation is available from local Elementary schools. We are excited to welcome Julia Golbin, head teacher of J-STARS.

Давайте учиться вместе! – Let’s learn together!

J-STARS- Phrases

Jewish school for Russian-speaking Americans –
Еврейская школа для русскоязычных американцев – “Evrejskaya shkola dlya russkoyazychnykh amerikantzev”

Learn about Jewish History, Hebrew Language,and Jewish tradition
Изучение иврита, еврейской истории и традиций – “Izucheniye ivrita, evrejskoj istorii I traditzij”

Добро пожаловать! “Dobro pozhalovat’”

We are waiting for you and your children!
Мы ждем вас и ваших детей! – “My zhdehm vas I vashikh detej”

Educational clubs
Образовательные кружки – “Obrazovatel’nye kruzhki”

For registration information contact Harriet Gefen, Educational Director at 374-0655.


Shalhevet program is an Israeli supplemental program for Hebrew-speaking children ages four through 12. Classes are taught by licensed Israeli teachers in Hebrew. It is delightful to hear children speaking Hebrew in the corridors of the school.